Welcome to the Meth-O-Gas Applicator Education Program hosted by LANXESS Corporation.

This program provides information about the safe handling and use of our methyl bromide fumigants, Meth-O-Gas 100 and Meth-O-Gas Q. In addition to becoming a state-certified pesticide applicator, you must complete a methyl bromide fumigant training program before you are approved to purchase and use these products. LANXESS provides this training program as one option to help you meet this requirement.

Our training materials will educate you on the hazards of methyl bromide and how to use these fumigants properly in accordance with product labels. To complete the Meth-O-Gas Applicator Education Program, you must pass our applicator exam with a minimum score of 80%. After passing the exam, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion to present to your Meth-O-Gas supplier, valid for two years. Maintaining a valid state applicator license and training certificate will allow you to continue purchasing and using Meth-O-Gas fumigants.

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For more information about how to register for this training program, contact your Meth-O-Gas supplier. Click the link below to log in or register.